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Best Machine Learning Institute in Noida

Introduction to Machine Learning is an introductory course to understand various Machine Learning models such as supervised learning, unsupervised learning, nonlinear techniques, and ensemble techniques. You will also get to know how these models can be used in image recognition, medical diagnostics, translation, speech recognition and text prediction etc.
This course covers the standard and most popular supervised learning algorithms including linear regression, logistic regression, decision trees, k-nearest neighbor, support vector machines and neural networks. It also covers the basic clustering algorithms such as K-means and Principal Component Analysis (PCA).

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, you will be able to:
Understand the fundamental concepts in Machine Learning and popular Machine Learning algorithms.
Understand the fundamental issues and challenges of Machine Learning such as data, model selection, model complexity, etc.
Learn about the strengths and weaknesses of several popular Machine Learning approaches.
Understand the fundamental mathematical relationships within and between Machine Learning algorithms and  supervised and unsupervised learning paradigms.
Develop and implement various Machine Learning algorithms in various real-world applications. Increase employability through innovative, independent learning.

Who can take Machine Learning courses?

Machine Learning courses in Noida are suitable for those who want to pursue a career in the AI ​​industry. We recommend this course to BE/BTech/MCS/MCA students, software professionals, IT professionals, data scientists and engineers.

What is the Salary of a Machine Learning Engineer?

Salary is entirely dependent on your skills. The cost of Machine Learning jobs for freshmen ranges from £699,807 to £891,326. With a good knowledge of data analysis, algorithms and years of experience, you can expect a salary of £1,759,777 per month or £9,00,000 per year.

Why Study Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is the application of artificial intelligence that enables software applications to produce accurate results. Google often says that Machine Learning has a very promising future. Learning Machine Learning is very important  because it helps improve the efficiency of your business. Because Machine Learning is the brains behind business intelligence, many companies employ skilled engineers.
Using Machine Learning, you can easily recommend products to your customers that they have previously viewed, purchased, or added to their shopping cart.  Machine Learning is very useful for strengthening business fraud detection systems. There are currently many opportunities to work in Machine Learning.

What Job Opportunities Can You Get By Taking A Machine Learning Course?

Upon successful completion of a Machine Learning course, you will have the opportunity to become a business analyst, product analyst, Machine Learning engineer or data scientist.

How long is the Machine Learning course?

This Machine Learning course will take  3-4 months to complete. Instructor-led classes last 50+ hours. You  also have to deal with assignments and cases.

Why Is The Python Programming Language Essential For Learning Machine Learning?

Python is one of the most important programming languages ​​that makes using Machine Learning algorithms very easy. Python is very important because of its large number of libraries. Data manipulation is made easy thanks to libraries like numpy and pandas, which help get the data to the point where Machine Learning models can be easily developed. Python is also known for providing clear and concise code. Python is used by professionals all over the world, especially Machine Learning. Therefore, Python is  considered as one of the preferred languages ​​for learning and teaching Machine Learning.

What Are The Main Machine Learning Algorithms For Beginners?

Student and professional interest in Machine Learning has grown significantly over the past few years. Every year there are  many applicants who consider Machine Learning as a career goal. But cracking  it in the first place is not so easy. Machine Learning is about data and includes different types of algorithms such as Supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning.  If you are a beginner, there are a few essential Machine Learning algorithms that you should go for and some of those are:
Linear Regression
Logistic Regression
Naïve Bayes
Random Forests

Why Study Python Machine Learning Course from APTRON NOIDA?

Machine Learning engineers are said to be among the top artificial intelligence job profiles across the world. It is estimated that as many as 2.3 million jobs will be available in the field of Machine Learning this year; hence, it is important to get a certification from the right place.  When you get enrolled in APTRON NOIDA with the Machine Learning Training in Noida , you will be able to get a number of facilities such as in-depth modules, hands-on projects, and assignments. This is supported  by one-on-one career coaching and over 39 hours of live instruction. In addition to the vocational training process, we have over 50 hiring partners, providing candidates with great employment.

What are the best Python tools  for Machine Learning in 2022?

Python is a subset of Machine Learning. This helps  the proper functioning of ML by creating algorithms that any machine can use over and over again. The best thing about Python is its extensive list of tools. These tools help  developers  solve complex problems. No need to code from scratch. Here is a list of  Python tools you can learn to  better understand this industry.  Tensorflow
Scikit Run
Fast Eye
Apache MXNet
statistical model
cat boost